Thursday, May 22, 2008


Haven't spent too much time writing posts this week. Trying to explore the blogosphere and lure new readers to the site. Also extremely busy with end of school. At the end of the year, its as if they start to prepare parents for summer by making them spend every waking moment with their kids at the school.

Here, my week in review:

Monday: a.m. was 10yr's guitar performance which was actually super cute, but also had to stay for some art dedication thing because it would have been rude to just walk out after I saw my own kid do his thing. Had to pretend I was renaissance mom, who just loves all things related to the school.

Tuesday: a.m. and p.m. went with daughter's preschool class to see Winnie the Pooh play, which was also cute, however, would liked to have been able to pass on the after play park trip. It was about 50 degrees and pouring rain. I was dressed for the theatre, and therefore did not have on knee high boots. Couldn't really understand the point of this stop. The kids couldn't play at the park, but could merely point at the playground equipment and say sadly, why can't we go on that? Under the pavilion, where we ate lunch, we all huddled together trying to steal the children's body heat so that we did not get hypothermia. The kids were freezing, teeth chattering, but as the teacher pointed out, it did get them out of the classroom. So would have a trip to the local nuclear reactor. Maybe that is on for next week?

Wednesday: a.m. 10 yr old had D.A.R.E. graduation and won a french award from a standardized french test he took. "I don't want to have a tube inside my stomach to feed me because I want to be able to go to places like Outback(steakhouse) and Longhorn's with my family, and that's why I won't do drugs". That's an actual line from his D.A.R.E. report. Whatever works, I'm proud.
p.m. was supposed to go back to school for an informational meeting about fifth grade, which 10yr old will be in next year. 5th grade is Upper school. Since my oldest has already been there done that, actually skipped this, but the other mommies drug me out for the after party to this meeting at a local bar. Maybe we mommies should have gone to the D.A.R.E class. Obviously, we learned nothing from our children's reports.

Today was my day off, but spent most of my time cleaning in preparation for my in laws who are coming tomorrow (yeah!!!!!!!!) to watch the kids while we go to a wedding. Also, my cousin, his wife and two kids came in today from Chicago, so went to visit them.

Friday: a.m. Field day. I have to go and get nails done for the wedding. My mother, who just returned from her cruise vacation, wants to know why I am not planning on going to field day. Don't the kids want you to come? Won't they be disappointed?
Perhaps I should just park my van in the school parking lot and sleep there, in case the school needs me in the middle of the night for something.
Of course, mom doesn't want to watch the baby while I go for manicure, she wants to get her nails done before her next vacation, which is less than 72 hours away, but I should be more available to my kids.
p.m. The drama play in which Isabelle, 5, will play a little dutch girl. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

I'd like to say that next week will better, but it probably will be worse. On the upside, am actually looking forward to kids coming home so that the madness will stop. It's a cruel mind trick. At the end of May having kids home all night and all day seems like such a great idea, but by the end of June, Moms everywhere will be wondering WTF was I thinking when I couldn't wait for the end of school?


Schmutzie said...

You've been featured on Five Star Friday:

mommastantrum said...

Holy Cow, that is a LOT of stuff. Thankfully you and Hubs get away for a little weekend fun. *jealous glares* You are right about looking forward to school being over, but in about 2 weeks I will want to ship him to Granny's for the rest of the summer.

Ann(ie) said...

NO kidding. That is one busy schedule, girlie. HOPE your weekend getaway was Fabulous!!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Moms night out and babysitting grandparents? I think I just turned green with envy!

The closer to the end of the school year the crazier it gets. Whee!