Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things that haven't worked for me

This post is part of the Rocks in My Dryer assignment to tell about things that haven't worked for you.

I have been a mom now for 13+years, so I probably won't be able to list everything that hasn't worked for me, but here is a quick, stream-of-conscious list.

Birth control- something about having to take it everyday, at the same time, really was a problem for me.

Getting organized- I like to buy the bins, read the books, and even get it all set up once, but that whole maintaining thing, not so much my thing.

Cribs- They are really cute look at, and I love all the baby bedding, but actually putting my kids down in them well, never happened. I was a super nut about SIDS and I thought sure if I put my little loves into the bed with bars, it would be all over for both us. I know the AAP and supernanny swear by these devices, I'm just telling you it didn't work for me.

Chore Charts- oh, they are very excited about them when they first go up, but like everything else, once the magic wears off, they're were another piece of junky paper hanging on my bulletin board, and believe me, I do not need that.

For everything you bring in, get one thing out. This goes back to the whole getting organized thing. Great theory, but not so simple to practice.

Moving so the house will be cleaner, in better shape, whatever. Was hoping that our most recent move to an over 4000 sq ft house would somehow magically make my house spotless. I'd have places to put everyone and everything. Unfortunately, having a place for something and actually putting in that place, are two entirely different things. Don't be fooled by the model home, unless you are Martha Stewart, your house will NEVER look that way.


mommastantrum said...

Moving = boxes of stuff from the old place that stay in the Garage for 10+ years because you forget them out there and just bought new stuff to go inside the new house.

Which equals the GARAGE OF DOOM. Which I am hoping to organize sometime before the next millenium.

I loved the crib. I miss the crib. I wish that I had never taken him out of it. If we hadn't I would have my bed all alone with my Hubby.

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

I understand your love of the crib, it just didn't work for me. By the way, the sleep fairy, in our house, gives a couple little trinkets to get kids to sleep in their big girl and boy beds. Maybe one or two a week for about a month, until they realize sleeping in their own bed isn't so bad.
Bribery has always worked for me!