Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby, you are the best

So my most recent non-sensical real life ranting and ravings have been about my cat, Stuart. I made up, I mean, I intuited,(would someone please teach me how to strike) this whole crazy thing about Stuart becoming very, very jealous of Micheal Phelps while he watched the olympics.

I am guest poster over at today, and you can read all about Stuart and his olympic dreams on this blog, which belongs to my new blog buddy and northeast neighbor, Kristine.

While most of my friends and family have laughed at me/ with me when I tell them this story, my one friend, Meredith, has actually fully indulged me in this flight of fancy. Meredith is an artist, and has even agreed to draw the illustrations for my children's book, Introducing Stuart the Cat. I have been writing this in my head for a very long time as Stuart is almost nine years old. I am sure after this post, many, many publishers will be contacting me.

Last night, while hanging out with Meredith, my brother and some other friends, Meredith presented me with a gift. This, in itself, entitles her to the compliment that is the title of this post. I was so appreciative of her thoughtfulness. When I opened it, I nearly fell to the floor in hysterics.

It was purchased at Cafe press. The bowl was in stock, and not a custom order. The journal, she hand created. She also showed me t-shirts that she has had made on the sight. My only concern is that she is going to develop the type of unhealthy relationship with cafe press that some people have with the home shopping network. Don't worry, Mer, I will reign you in if you get out of control. For now, these are definitely some of the best gifts I have ever received. And next time, we'll go to karoke and I'll actually sing you my go to song by Carly Simon, Baby, you're the best. Now head over and read guest post and leave many, many comments/compliments


Amy said...

Laurie for some reason it's not letting me type how to put a line through a word. E mail me and I will email it to you,

Robin said...

She sounds like a great friend indeed, and a fun one at that.

buffi said...

Okay, if you haven't been school in "striking" yet, you us the html brackets (they look like this ^ only sideways (above the period & comma. You type {strike}, except use the pointy things instead of brackets. Then when you are done striking you type{/strike} again using the pointy things. Is that confusing enough?!

You are hilarous w/ your cat. I do that with my dogs, too only I've never thought to actually blog it. Great blog material though. You're so smart.

Kids back in school? Pray that the ninjas save you! =)

LittleGnome said...

As I sit in front of my computer, I struggle with the words that I shall choose to respond to the sincere and heart-felt blog of Laurie of the Seven Stories. There is a lot of pressure placed on me knowing that millions will be reading this. I am not, nor do I pretend to be, a writer. I am just a friend of Laurie of the Seven Stories that chooses to support her no matter what the general public says or what the harsh consequences may be. I am humbly, yet clearly, a gifted illustrator and a creative visionary, who has witnessed Laurie of the Seven Stories churn out ideas that are remarkably unique...alas, her olympic hopeful cat, Stuart.
Laurie realizes and understands that she may not get any money or accolades or recognition for her story about Stuart,..but, the story must be told...and what a story it will be. I'll always support you, Laurie of the Seven Stories. Until we meet again at the karaoke bar, Meredith

Moira said...

Both you and Meredith have officially lost your minds; which only makes me like you both more and more! Moira

Manager Mom said...

I think it's awesome that you're writing your book, and that you have a good friend to collaborate with. I will buy a copy someday, if you promise to give me an autograph.

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

Little gnome: I think you may have a future in writing as well; Moira, I hate to break it to you but I fear your fast on your way to looneyville with Mer and I. Of course, we are glad to have you along for the ride!

Buffi- I really hope to hear about the dogs talking, soon!

Amy, I am going to email you when I get it together, which as Moira and Meredith know, may never actually happen.

Robin- you are right on the money; and

Manager Mom, an autographed copy- I'd be honored to give you one:)