Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Spohrs may be multiplying, but we're producing on the playground as well...

Isabelle, the Diva
No, I wasn't in pageants(shocking) Aidan, Ethan and Sierra
The little girls


Tasha take two

Okay, so here's the deal. I want to be a successful blogger, writer; etc.; etc. I have joined many groups- all mediocre, local philly mommy bloggers, blog nut, I am a blissfully domestic diva- and still I am not quite where I want to be or where I think I should be.

There are a lot of blogs that seem to get quite a bit of attention. I think these blogs are great and deserving, but I think my blog is equally great and deserving, so hey give a girl a chance.

Recently, when visiting the blog of another all mediocre member, I wondered if, for a moment, what is missing from my blog are more pictures of my baby beauties.

One blog in particular, The Spohrs are Multiplying seems to get a lot of attention because it includes some very cute pictures of baby Maddie. But here is the thing- while the Spohrs may have multiplied and made one heck of a cute kid- over here at the playground, we are freaking mass producing. I mean, not only do we have one adorable baby, we also have four other reasonably cute kids.

So all you Spohr lovers, mommy bloggers, baby lovers and kid connoisseurs, won't you consider spending some time on the playground? It's really fun, I promise- I'll be your best friend, I'll share, and I'll always give you a push when you need one.


Amy said...

Laurie, Although, yes, I like pictures. I love how you write. You're funny. I think it just takes time. Remember that movie with Kevin Costner when he was hot? If you build it..... You're just fine. They'll come, they'd be stupid not to. :)

moosh in indy. said...

Yes, Maddie is a really cute kid. And holy crap Heather is a great writer. But there's also a lot of built in community behind Maddie and Heather's story. Blogging is about community and Heather draws a lot of readership from other moms of preemies. Just as I tend to attract those who suffer from depression or orgasms on the treadmill. You need to find a community that you fit into (multiple children maybe? Who review playgrounds?) and work on building that community. People will come, but it's not easy.
Good luck.

Kristine said...

Hey Laurie! Shoot me your guest post when you have a chance.

Pamela Kramer said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by for WW. If you came by again then you know what has been going on and why I'm so late. lol - playing catch up here. ;)

Pamela Kramer said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by for WW. If you came by again then you know what has been going on and why I'm so late. lol - playing catch up here. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to chime in and 2nd moosh in indy (who definitely knows what she's talking about). Building a readership takes a lot of work. I've been doing it since May and still only have about 30 subscribers. It really is about finding where you fit, finding like-minded bloggers, and trying to get as many of them to read you as possible.

Heather said...

Tasha is adorable! Look at all that pretty hair!

It's hard to build a community of readers, that's for sure. I've been blogging on my current site for over a year, but before that I had a blog that I'd kept for five years. I had a built-in readership from that, and then the struggles my daughter had at the beginning of her life brought in new people. But, I would definitely say that readers like pictures. It's a lot easier to relate to people when you know what they look like, you know?

Thanks for reading my blog - I'm reading yours, even if I am crap at commenting.

Manager Mom said...

I think also nudity helps get blog traffic. And insulting Republicans is usually good...hmmm...what else?

I posted a picture of one of my kids once,and my mom went completely ballistic. So I can't fall back on that anymore... guess I need to start cursing more.