Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To be brutally honest, Mrs. Flinger, it's 12:13a.m. Wednesday

This post is for brutally honest Mondays, Mrs. Flinger's meme, which she actually didn't post this week until Tuesday.

I read about her wanting people to join in on twitter and didn't get around to putting this post together until 12:15 a.m. Wednesday. SO technically this whole post is a lie, and for brutally honest Monday, nonetheless. My mother would say that I ought to be ashamed of myself. Indeed, I am.

But what I wanted Mrs. Flinger to know is that I am actually a really good go to girl.

I'm always there for my friends, even those who never comment on my blog, even when I dutifully participate in their memes. I never hold grudges, and am always a good sport.

And while I'm not going to blogher- because well, I am afraid to fly, and would also be afraid to tell people that I'm leaving my kids for the week whilst I go pursue my blogging aspirations since almost no one I know (in the real world) knows that I blog, except for Moira and her husband Chaz, and my husband, who incidentally, never reads TG ( How's that for brutally honest?)- I am happy to post a picture so that Mrs. Flinger might perhaps remember me and leave me a little comment love.
Now I'm the one beggin'
Anyway, Mrs. Flinger, the picture above is of me at my brother's recent eighties party. I went as an eighties preppy, to a party in a bar, where some people, not part of the party, were not in costume- because that is how I roll.


Amy said...

Okay, I don't know who this Mrs. Flinger is but she wants honesty? I don't understand what twitter is. I really don't. Mel tried to explain it and I'm still not getting it. I'm kinda dumb sometimes. That's honest, right?

mommastantrum said...

That's a HOT pic. She totally hardly ever comments for me either...but I still totally love her. Maybe one day I will get to meet her and she will remember me, and then I'll say "Now you have to go lick Laurie, because she's my VP and she's way cooler then me."

Moira said...

Had a great time at the 80's party with you...even though most of the music was from the 90's. Sadly, I couldn't get my Madonna costume out of the cleaners in time and had to come in regular clothes. Loving your blog!!!

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

As you promised, you and Chaz(?!) really delivering the extra kick to make it all a success. Seriously, though, next time, come in costume.

Mrs. Flinger said...

I so totally LOVE you!! This is hilarious and completely why we need to hang out sometime even if it's not at Blogher. You are awesome.

And y'all are crackin' me up with the comment thing. Oh, I KNOW I suck. I do. The sad sad thing? I often click TO comment and then, blahblahblaaahhh I forget what I was doing because HOLYCRAP! Baby O is up on the shelves.. again... *sigh*

I lurve you. You made my whole day. Even if I posted it late. :-)

Mrs. Flinger said...

And P.S. I LURVE Faith, too. Again with teh comment. I suck. Awesome.

Ann(ie) said...

I'm also completely confused at the whole Twitter thang, but Faith puffy heart loves it so I know I'm gonna have to cave and check it out eventually!

Manager Mom said...

Your outfit is the perfect combination of 80's colors... impressive!