Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A montage of memes titled "And this is why my house is a disaster"



Prize winner, this is your prize.

Instead of spending my time cleaning my house while my dear mother has four of my five kids at her pool, I am making this montage of memes for your enjoyment. I seriously hope you all appreciate the sacrifices of clean socks, cooked meals, and sleeping on a sheetless bed that I am making.
Anyway, today I will be responding to one meme I was tagged for, one award I was given, thanks to faith, and one meme that was "open invitation" that I should had to participate in. This post has been a serious challenge for me given my low, low, low technological i.q. Please excuse pictures that may or may not be in the right places.
First and foremost, I was tagged by a fellow phillymomblogger, Margie G. for this meme. Margie is expecting her second baby any day and so I salute her for sending me this meme in her condition. She is a trooper, and she makes adorable things with ribbons i.e. hair goods. Margie- when I get my act together, I wll order from you. You stuff is super cute. You can find Margie at :
The meme originated over an idea that was prompted by the book written by Larry Smith & Rachel Fershleiser, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure. It’s a compilation based on the story that Hemingway once bet ten dollars that he could sum up his life in six words. His words were, “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”
1. Write your own six word memoir.
2. Post it to your blog including a visual illustration if you would like.
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blog sphere.Sarah's link is:
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links.5. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.So, here we six word memoir:
Don't tell me, I look to young to have these...

can you guess what the word these refers to? If I had a nickel for every time I heard this, I'd be sitting on a beach in Maui sipping cosmos.
For this meme, I tag
1. My blog bff and running mate, Faith from mommastantrum.
2. Cassie, the new mom and southern domestic goddess (in training).
3. Ann(ie) my friend over at life is short, partake in happy hour. Need I say, bravo, Annie for your blog name.
4. She's just another manic mommy , who I have just discovered.
And last but not the person I dedicated my last post to
5.sugar mommy
And now, about the major award I have won. See it pictured above- it is picture #1, and it comes to me from my friend Faith over there at mommastantrum

Thanks again Faith. I'd like to make an acceptance speech, but maybe I should save that for another day, as the music is already playing and I have just gotten on stage. Anyway, as per the following rules:

• Choose 5 blogs deserving of this for their creativity, design & material.
• Each award should link to the giver of the award• Link to the Arte Y Pico blog (the woman who began this award.) If your Spanish is good enough to translate this all please do so.
• Post the Rules
I choose the following five bloggers to award:
1. My new neighbor and friend Amy from Crazy, but the cool kind because I love her photo collage blog header. Clearly, I do not possess the skill set to do the same, but maybe she will teach me, if I am really nice?!
2. The interplanetary diva, Janet, from the planet of janet because I'd like to land there for a little while.
3. manager mom because I think she could whip me into shape.
4. Kevin who is always home, and uncool because I'm always home and uncool too, and I need someone to hang out with.
5. And Margie, from gunning it, the ribbon lady who tagged me for the first meme in this post.

Finally, and if I don't mop my kitchen floor and the department of health comes over, manager mom, you will have to take the fall for me... I give you six random things, a meme I saw on manager mom's site, with an open invitation. I love the random and I just couldn't help myself but to participate. And now for my six random things....

1. Connect four is my favorite board game. No, I am not one of those moms who let's my kids win. I am that mom that rolls on her back, laughing diabolically, as I yet again defeat whatever child I am playing. Mature, I know.(picture 1)
2. Flowers look nice by a front door, but really they have to watered and plucked and who has time, when your writing useless information on the internet. Myself, I decorate the doorstep with muddy shoes ( picture 2)
3. Picture 3- the dirty baby. We must have a million dolls, but this is the one the baby wants to take all over America, so that it looks like she doesn't have any other toys and has to play with a doll that looks like it carries a communicable disease.
4. Q-tips- need I say more-these are fo sho my favorite health and beauty aid.
5. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about a movie called Amazon Women On the Moon. I haven't seen it in atleast 15 yrs, but I can't get the segment, where they have a mock game show called "bullshit or not" out of my head. I'm guessing this is why useful information, like where I put my car keys, refuses to hang around in my head.
6. Rainstorms bring brainstorms.
Case in point
During our last thunder storm, and evening without power,
Aidan asks, "How many years has the world been going on for?"
Ethan replies, " I don't know, but who do you think the geek in the corner is, counting the years."
Aidan says simply, "GOD". like duh.


Amy said...

Laurie, Now I feel stupid, I don't understand, I will be more than happy to help you do a picture collage.

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

Amy, I don't want you to feel stupid, I want you to feel honored. You are award winning!

Always Home and Uncool said...

I'm honored. I'm flattered. I'm 5-10 but my driver's license says 5-11. Thank you, Laurie. All your readers are welcome to my blog for tapas. I'll do you proud.

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

Tapas for 3? You're the best.

buffi said...

Okay...once I figure it all out, I'm in. ;)

Cassie said...

I WILL be just might take me a few days to get to it :) I love it that you don't let your kids win at board games haha. My husband and I are overly competitive about stuff like that!

mommastantrum said...

I will play along with the meme when I can figure out six words....I want to come over to TAPAS too. I will help you with the links to, if you call me. Or I can call you, for free with my magic long distance. Oh, wait you have all of those kids, you don't ever get to talk on the phone. Unless it is to call the cops!