Monday, April 7, 2008


Hosting your own camp for your own kids will prevent some challenges. No- it is not as easy as dropping them off at someone else's doorstep and heading home for some peace and quiet. It can, however, have its advantages. After all, summer may seem to last forever, but if you really think about it, the summers that your kids will want to spend time doing stuff you are absolutely finite. Make memories while you can!

Before beginning any type of "create your own camp" experience with your kids, be sure to sit them down and explain your plans to them. You may want to include some of their ideas and suggestions into your plan for camp.

Once your camp is prepared, have the kids help to gather together all the things they will need for camp, just as you would if they were actually going away to a camp. If you are planning a week of camp from Mon-Fri, spend Sunday cleaning clothes and picking out outfits for the week. Plan meals, in advance, as well, and try to get as many chores and errands out of the way as you possibly can. Prepare as if you were about to leave on a vacation, so that you have extra time to devote to running your camp.

Post an itinerary and schedule for each day of camp. Be sure to establish a start and an end time before the beginning of camp, and if possible, keep a consistent time frame for the duration of the camp.

Select simple activities that you know your group can handle. Don't over schedule your day- you want the kids to have fun, but you don't want them to be exhausted!

Enlist the help of others, if possible and practical. Have Grandpa come over one afternoon and do an activity with the kids. Having more than one "counselor" will help round out the experience, and will give you a chance to rest!

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