Monday, April 7, 2008


Summer looms large on the horizon, and most stay-at-home moms that I know, myself included, of course, have begun to worry, "what will I do will I do with the kids this summer?"

Summer camp seems a sensible solution to the problem of how to fill the unstructed days of summer, but if your budget is tighter than ever or you have more than a couple of kids, summer camp costs can be out of sight. To simply send my kids to a local traditional sleepover camp for the week would cost @650.00. If I were to send all of my camp age children, four out of five, I would be shelling out 2600.00 for one week!!!

So what's the solution? I could pick a name out of a hat to determine who gets to go, but likely this would create more chaos, and the point of camp is to curtail that. I was thinking to myself one day, how can I give my kids a camp experience without the expense? My aha moment- create my own camp!

Now, I'm not talking about starting an actual camp for children other than my own. I'm suggesting a little D.I.Y. to turn regular old summer weeks into camp weeks. You can do it too!

Check this section of my blog each week to find my suggestions to create a variety of camps for your children. The first in the series will be...Traditional sleepover camp

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