Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just walked into my bedroom to shut the t.v. off as the Today show was doing a segment on "comeback items." There for a second I thought they said, Members Only jackets and Acid washed jeans are back in style. No, I must have heard wrong. I hit the rewind button on the remote- OMG- it's true!

I have one question to ask what is wrong with these people?

MEMBERS ONLY jackets can not come back into style, if in fact, they ever were. I saw many middle aged, over weight men wearing these everyday. I live in a town that has its fair share of people stuck in a time warp. What's next- everyone will start wearing elastic waist pants and polyester mu mus? JUST SAY NO!

ACID WASHED JEANS go nicely with mullets. There was no announcement that mullets are coming back, but I suppose they had to save something for tomorrow's segment. Is it my imagination or does the Today show have too much time on its hands. Stop adding hours if you are going to use them to promote bad fashion sense. ACID WASHED JEANS WERE ALWAYS UGLY. JUST SAY NO!

On the upside, apparently, tretorn sneakers are also back in, though, I wasn't aware that these were ever out. You remember them, perhaps. They were the shoe to have when I was in junior high ( mid to late eighties). They are are canvas shoe with a little comma like thing, the tretorn emblem, on either side. The emblem is the only thing that is colored, and the very tip of the back of the shoe are only things that have color. You were really cool if you could find some unique color, or even better plaid, that no one else had. Technically tennis shoes, we wore them more as fashion statement than a sport shoe. GO GET THESE AND STAY AWAY FROM THE AFOREMENTIONED ITEMS!

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