Saturday, April 12, 2008


Behind the closed door of my bedroom, I am seeing someone new. Not a lover, but a Doctor-specifically, a psychotherapist. I am watching "In Treatment", which stars the scholarly yet sexy Gabriel Byrne, who plays Dr. Paul Weston in HBO's new original series.

In the t.v. land desert, created by the writer's strike, I spent much of the winter looking for something other than my regularly scheduled programs, which became regularly scheduled reruns, to quench my thirst for evening entertainment. One night, while searching the HBO channels for a movie to watch, I stumbled on to "In Treatment."

This is not a reality show- but it offers many of the same guilty pleasures, as it has some basis in reality. If you've never been in therapy, the show provides an insight into how the whole process works, which I think is of interest to anyone suffering from the human condition. If you are no stranger to therapy, you will be equally at home and entertained on the couch of Dr. Weston.

Do be advised, this show can be addictive. The first season, which ran Mon-Fri for nine weeks, has aired in its entirety, however HBO continues to replay it. If you are a comcast cable customer, you can watch the entire series ON DEMAND. You will want to watch it in proper sequence, so that you don't miss anything!

I love this show because it is thought provoking and not mind numbing. In my opinion, if you really want to turn to t.v. to get away from it all, calgon style, what you want to do is give your mind a place to go, not bore it to death! I am not Doctor, and I don't even play one on t.v., but I strongly recommend a dose of "In Treatment" to fulfill your need for entertainment.

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